Jedediah “Sew My Face On” Smith: The Original Backpacking Mountain Man

Jedediah Smith was an archetypal, backpacking mountain man. He spent his life exploring the Western United States, hunting mythical rivers, trapping beaver pelts, and surviving by wit and luck.

jedediah smith, the original backpacking mountain man

In our first podcast episode, Cody dives deep into his life (and his Wikipedia page) to look at the adventure, the face-sewing, and the contradictions of nineteenth-century heroes.

In this episode of the show, you also heard the polite hum of my Biolite Stove which was boiling water in my KettlePot. I was using them on a quick overnight trip to Caddo National Grasslands in North Texas.

Caddo seems like a good spot. It wasn’t very crowded when I was there. We stayed at Coffee Mill Lake, but you could disperse camp at nearby Davy Crockett (king of the wild frontier) Lake if Coffee Mill was crowded.