Wasps in the Outhouse and Hypothermia on Pikes Peak: Boy Scout Memories

Pikes Peak, Pneumonia Giver
The only place to get your pneumonia merit badge

Patrick and Steven jump into the studio with Cody to recount their favorite and scariest memories growing up in the Boy Scouts of America. They recall being placed in the “Turtle Patrol,” building a lean-to with Hollywood and Rabbit, and getting their pneumonia merit badges on Pikes Peak.

Patrick and Steven both achieved the Life Scout rank before unceremoniously quitting the BSA to pursue their slacker agendas. They haven’t abandoned their love of the outdoors, however, and have been on several trips with your intrepid podcaster.

In this episode, I also announce the first trail diary episode of Nature’s Call, next week’s Eagle Rock Loop Report. It’s going to be a wild, blister-ridden ride. Keep your feet dry on the trail, I’m begging you. You’ll thank me later.

We had no primary source on this interview episode, so I’m taking the chance to recommend a cool item not mentioned in today’s episode: Field Notes. They make great, tiny notebooks. They’re excellent for carrying on the trail, even though they’re not waterproof. you can carry ’em in a Ziplock if you’re really worried about it. In my opinion, it’s not worth the extra expense to get waterproof notebooks, but I do like to jot down little musings along the trail. If you buy some Field Notes and make some natural drawings in them, let Nature’s Call know, we want to feature your art!

The trip to Grandfather was amazing and I’m really looking forward to getting to see it in the daylight.

Sunset at Grandfather Mountain

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Here are the otters, as promised.