Trail Diary: Eagle Rock Loop (Bears! Eagles! Snakes! Hitchhiking!)

My buddy Simon and I hit the road to Arkansas. We parked at the Little Missouri Trailhead in Ouachita National Forest and camped for the night before heading out on our epic backpacking, hitchhiking adventure! Get on the trail with us in a series of trail diaries direct from the trail! Action! Excitement! Bears (or, a bear)! Rattlesnakes (or, uh, just the one, again).

This is the first trail diary episode I’ve done but it will hopefully be the first of many. We talk about the BioLite Coffee Press, which Simon arbitrarily rated as an 8.5/10 for camp coffee. We’ve had some pretty terrible experiences with camp coffee and this wasn’t one of ’em. We ended up with a solidly dark brew and nary a ground in sight when I sipped the last of my mugful. It was a great way to brew quite a bit of coffee at once (more than enough for two avid coffee drinkers to start their mornings).

The pics as promised:

Simon, on Eagle Rock Vista

Simon, atop Spirit Rock Vista, with the infamous “missing” sunglasses.This was our first ascent of the day, probably the most difficult of the trail but taking it on while we fresh meant that it felt like nothing compared to the silliness we encountered later that day.

Assorted views from the rest of that day:

Overall, ERL is a great trip, especially if you’re close by to Arkansas. It’s definitely one of the best big loops within driving distance of DFW. I love going out to Ouachita and the Ozarks any chance I get.