Hot Stones for the Rheumatism (and Other Fall Camping Tips)

Not hats?! Scandalous.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are the textbook¬†definition of explorers. Let’s look at the life of Meriwether Lewis, a troubled guy with an ending you didn’t learn about in fourth grade. It’s a melancholy week at Nature’s Call, as, once again, I mourn the loss of a guy who died before I was born (shout out to Jim Croce, gone in his prime).

Lewis and Clark were the tip of Manifest Destiny’s spear (which kinda sounds like a crappy metal band) but they were also ordinary guys who loved being outside, eating dehydrated soup, and winter camping across from a Native American village.

They’re also the best explorer bromance you’re gonna find.

sweet map of the expedition

On this week’s episode, I mentioned carrying a space blanket for cold weather emergencies. They’re too cheap to not have on hand. They barely weigh anything, so you ULers can whine about something else. Cut a little more off your nub of a toothbrush.

Kelty’s Bestie Blanket is a good way to beef yourself up for fall camping. It provides some warmth without the full weight of your winter bag. I use a Double Black Diamond down quilt from Costco. Either of these is ~$20. The Kelty has the added benefit of being stylish. Your picnic blanket game is weak anyway. Two birds, one stone.

Costco is a great resource for cheap down items. I recently picked up a 650-fill jacket for $30, it’s plenty warm for Texas and makes a great pillow when combined with a stuff sack. They regularly have the $20 down throws that are excellent candidates for use as is or for MYOG.

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