Money-saving REI Garage Sale

Simon Says: 7 Money-Saving Strategies for the REI Garage Sale

Simon is BACK on the show. We’re fresh off another REI Garage Sale and we’re giving you the 7 strategies we use at every garage sale to maximize our savings. The Garage Sales are awesome events and I want to give a shoutout to the Dallas REI for throwing another great one. Everybody in line had a blast and got some good gear at a better price.

7 Money-Saving Strategies for the REI Garage Sale

1. Get there early. Earlier than you want to be. Be ready to hang out in the parking lot ALL DAY.

2. Scout out the Garage Sale BEFORE it opens. Figure out where the stuff you want is located.

3. Prioritize 2-3 items (a backpack, a kayak, and a stove, for example). When the gates open, go for those items first. Don’t get distracted.

The rest of our strategies are in the episode. Give it a listen to find out what you can do at the next REI Garage sale to save as much money as possible on the best gear on the market.

We also give a couple of don’t’s. There’s a wrong way to garage sale. Don’t be a jerk! It’s really easy.

Garage Sale Giveaway: iTunes Reviews, pls

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