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Love & Hate on the PCT: Liz’s First Thru-Hike

Liz is a prolific¬†thru-hiker. She’s done the AT, the PCT, and the Colorado Trail. She’s currently planning a trip to do the Continental Divide. She teaches the thru-hiking course at my local REI, we became fast friends after I attended the class (and she made fun of me throughout it).

Hike Your Own Hike (and try not to start hating trees)

In this episode, we sit down with Liz and her dad, Ben, to discuss her first thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Thru-hiking is a huge part of Liz’s life story: she met her husband on the trail. She left behind a good job in New York City to fly across the country and get dropped off at the trailhead by a couple she’d only met on the Internet.

Thru-hiking is a crazy community that Liz gives a glimpse into, Ben helpfully provides the input of a family-member looking in on someone joining that community. It was a delight to get them on the show and I plan to have Liz back to discuss her other thru-hikes and (hopefully) to discuss the process of planning her next hike!

If you have questions for Liz you can tweet them to @naturescallpod and I’ll get an answer from Liz for ya!

Coming Soon on Nature’s Call: Big Bend Trail Diary

The story of the trip that went to Hell in a handbasket. If it could go wrong Steven, Patrick and I found a way to bumble into it. Hear the story of our botched attempt to enjoy Big Bend National Park soon on Nature’s Call.