Palo Duro and the ultimate winter camping hack

Palo Duro and The Ultimate Winter Weather Camping Hack

Followed Annette McGivney’s advice and went to Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. Learn how Patrick and I planned the trip and what gear was necessary for winter camping in the second largest canyon system in the United States.

Patrick and I had a blast. The Lighthouse is an amazing natural rock formation. Insert a dad joke about “hoodoo” here. 😉

In the episode, I talked about the Ten Essentials. You can print out a copy of the list to keep in your gear closet. Make sure you’ve got all ten systems covered by your gear before you head out on any camping trip.

The Ultimate Winter Weather Camping Hack:

The Zippo Handwarmer. Guys, I’m serious. This is a gamechanger for winter camping. I don’t know how I survived winter and fall camping without this gadget. It keeps your hands warm. It keeps your feet warm. It keeps your sleeping bag warm. It will change your comfort level dramatically for a negligible amount of weight in your pack.