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Trail Diary: Winding Stair Winter Overnight


After a week of everyone in my office coming down with the flu, I got sick of fluorescent lights and coughing co-workers. So I ran away to one of my favorite places: Ouachita National Forest.

Winter Overnight at Winding Stair

I hiked a couple miles in and made camp under the rock shelf where I met Tucker and Carly on the Eagle Rock Loop episode. When I got to camp, my feet were soaked from the river crossing but I got a fire going and set up my tarp.

I waited too long to get my sleeping bag out, it needed longer to loft up to be at its most insulative.

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This is what camp looked like before I tore it down in the morning. I used a stick to hold up my tarp since I LEFT MY TREKKING POLE AT THE JEEP. UGH.

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Shot from near camp, looking at Blaylock Creek in the morning.

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After the river crossing, looking down on the river that soaked my boots.

Winter Water Wisdom (Acquired from Dry, Warm Hikers)

You can use heavy-duty trash bags to cross without getting wet. You can also use Chacos or other water sandals and dry off on the other side.