Building a Quinzee in the Canadian Wintry Wilds

Chris Penny is a lifelong Canadian outdoorsman. He’s been camping and playing in the snow since he was a kid in Ottawa.

Building a Quinzee and Urban Camping at the Bus Station

Chris told a story of building a quinzee that was too big to sleep in and the time he wouldn’t pay for a cab so he spent the night at an Ottawan bus station in sub-zero temperatures.

He also weighed in on my terrible “I’m gonna live forever” attitude and advocated for a more cautious approach to winter camping, especially in temperatures below zero.

When Chris was a kid, he and his friends would go into the woods near their homes and play “Get Lost.” It was a game where you attempted to get lost in the woods (they were surrounded by roads). He was kind enough to provide some pictures taken during these games for the show notes.

He also shot me a link to a video of him and his friends building that quinzee.