how to thru hike

Liz and Danny Share Thru-Hiking Wisdom and Their 7000mi Plan

Pro-tips abound with veteran thru-hikers Liz and Danny.

To everyone asking to hear from Liz again, you’ve been heard!

If you’re looking for those Liz and Danny approved footwear selections, here ya go:

If you’re planning a thru-hike or just want some durable AF trail shoes, the Lone Peaks or Wildcats will take care of your feet (and, as you heard in the episode, you need those to get places on the trail).

How to Plan Your First Thru-Hike

The number one piece of advice Danny and Liz gave to first-time thru-hikers: Don’t pack your fears.

Fear is heavy and it requires a lot of extra baggage. Use a bounce box (Liz explains in the episode) to carry all your “what if” items.

Start by looking over the list of trail towns and figuring out your resupplies, plan for low mileage and extra time, you’ll need it.

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