re-inventing the rain jacket hiking

Re-Inventing the Rain Jacket

The co-founders of Perilous Outdoor Company, Michael and Konner, share their outdoor journey (altitude sickness in Colorado and hail in Big Bend) AND their vision for a new rain jacket, one with an integrated pack cover.

As promised in the episode, as soon as these guys go to market I’m buying a jacket (and then I’ll tell all you Nature’s Callers).

If you’re interested in checking out Konner’s tent recommendation: the MSR Hubba Hubba, you can find it on Amazon. MSR makes solid gear and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Hubba Hubba.

Video of the Prototype Coming to the Nature’s Call Facebook Page Soon

Konner, Michael and I put together a quick sneak peek of their prototype that’ll be going live on Facebook this week.