Monthly Archives: September 2018

A Visit to the “Inhuman Zone” with Jim Bridwell

The “inhuman zone” is the point of altitude and frigid cold where man, and all of his gadgets, cease to function as intended. Jim Bridwell and climbing partner, Mugs Stump, found themselves in the inhuman zone as they climbed the Moose’s Tooth in the Alaskan Wild. Resources: “Vantage Point” – this story is an excerpt … Continue reading A Visit to the “Inhuman Zone” with Jim Bridwell

NEW Camp Food for 2018

Cody tastes and sips his way around the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Resources: AlpineStart Instant Coffee ESPRO P7 (pitcher-sized French press, the ultralight is available exclusively at Starbucks for now) Campfire Meals Know Brainer (drinkable Ketogenic breakfast options) Nature’s Coffee Kettle Mighty Organic jerky and meats (they gave me a jalapeno beef stick and IT WAS AWESOME) … Continue reading NEW Camp Food for 2018