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A Million Ways to Die on the PCT

Sabrina RETURNS! Super excited to have Sabrina back in Dallas to give us all of her great PCT stories. Remember: the Eagle Rock Loop Guidebook is available now! Hike the ERL this fall! Resources: Topo Athletics Terraventure (Women’s) Topo Athletics Terraventure (Men’s) Sabrina’s Instagram Bodhi’s Instagram Info on the Greater Patagonia Trail

A Quick Coffee Focus (Minisode)

FULL EPISODE COMING TOMORROW – Sabrina is back from the PCT and couldn’t record until Tuesday night so the full episode is delayed by a day. In this episode, I give a review after a couple weeks of using the Espro Ultralight (it’s pretty nifty) and a quick review of Jiva Coffee Cubes. I also … Continue reading A Quick Coffee Focus (Minisode)

Getting Your Car Stolen in the Desert

Mario and Audra tell their stories of getting involved in climbing, backpacking (to climb), and introducing kids to climbing. If you want to read the blog post Mario mentioned, you can find it here. CHECK OUT THE EAGLE ROCK LOOP GUIDEBOOK! I had a great time making it and I’m certain you’ll enjoy it (the … Continue reading Getting Your Car Stolen in the Desert

Brown Girls Climb + BioLite’s Kickstarter

Bethany founded Brown Girls Climb (@browngirlsclimb) as a community for women of color to rally around rock climbing and each other. We chat about Bethany’s outdoor journey as we sit beneath the giant blue bear. BioLite is running a Kickstarter RIGHT NOW for their new headlamp. I’ve got my grubby little paws on one and … Continue reading Brown Girls Climb + BioLite’s Kickstarter

A Visit to the “Inhuman Zone” with Jim Bridwell

The “inhuman zone” is the point of altitude and frigid cold where man, and all of his gadgets, cease to function as intended. Jim Bridwell and climbing partner, Mugs Stump, found themselves in the inhuman zone as they climbed the Moose’s Tooth in the Alaskan Wild. Resources: “Vantage Point” – this story is an excerpt … Continue reading A Visit to the “Inhuman Zone” with Jim Bridwell

NEW Camp Food for 2018

Cody tastes and sips his way around the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Resources: AlpineStart Instant Coffee ESPRO P7 (pitcher-sized French press, the ultralight is available exclusively at Starbucks for now) Campfire Meals Know Brainer (drinkable Ketogenic breakfast options) Nature’s Coffee Kettle Mighty Organic jerky and meats (they gave me a jalapeno beef stick and IT WAS AWESOME) … Continue reading NEW Camp Food for 2018

How the American Hiking Society works for You

Wesley Trimble tells us about his own outdoor journey and how you can get involved with the good work being done at the American Hiking Society. Resources: CP and the PCT (Wesley’s short film) Wesley’s blog American Hiking Society How to Hike in Hot Weather Stuff You Can Buy to Help the Show: REI’s Labor … Continue reading How the American Hiking Society works for You

Trail-Blazing Tech from the Summer Market

A collection of interviews with the companies making the coolest tech and gadgets for camping and backpacking. There’s a definite mix of backpacking gadgets AND car camping accessories, even ones that might be just as comfortable on your patio as at base camp. Treat Yo’ Self: Zippo Electric Handwarmers BioLite Firepit (NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon) … Continue reading Trail-Blazing Tech from the Summer Market